The Only Cheapest USB C To Lightning Cable For Apple Device is From UGREEN, Only $6 Today

Only recently, Apple has opened the certification process for USB-C to Lightning cables, and accessory manufacturers are already marketing their own versions— and much less than the cost of Apple’s cables. Right now, members of Amazon Prime can pick up the new USB-C to the Lightning cable from UGREEN for only $6.29 when the UGREEN493 coupon code is entered during checkout.

This is one of the first third-party cables to be released which is Apple certified, meaning it passes all the safety tests needed to properly charge your device. It usually sells for $14, which is pretty amazing, and the price drop today is a new all-time low. If you’re not already signed up with Prime, with that code, you’ll see its price reduction in half to $6.99.

Using it and a compatible USB-C adapter, you can charge your devices very fast. It’s not widely advertised, but since the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were released, fast charging has been present on the iPhone, but it can only be done using a USB-C to Lightning cable, and Apple was previously the only provider. Using UGREEN’s USB-C adapter cable will enable you to charge your iPhone in 30 minutes from 0 percent to 50 percent. Fast charging also works on the latest iPad models from Apple.

The cable is 3 feet long and also works up to 480Mbps for high-speed data transfers. Furthermore, if you have upgraded to a new MacBook and no longer have a full-size USB port, these cables are an absolute necessity. I own and use this cable, and it works exactly as advertised, so spending three times as much on the official Apple version doesn’t make any sense at all.

Odds are that you’re going to want to grab a few of these at this price so you’ve got one for your house, one for your car, one for your office, and even one for your travel bag.

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