The $6 USB C Cable That’s Made For MacBook, iPad & iPhone!

This cable is not only built to support fast charging but also offers unique features that enhance your charging experience.

Meet the demands of today’s fast-paced digital existence with the AINOPE 100W USB C to USB C Cable 10FT, a charging powerhouse. Supporting both PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 fast charging protocols, this cable’s astounding 100W super-quick charging capacity guarantees that your devices will be recharged at the speed of light. This cable can charge your devices up to 80% in just 30 minutes, regardless of whether you’re using an 18W adapter or a powerful 100W adapter. It gives up to 20V/5A(max) output. Not only is it great for charging, but it also has incredible data transfer speeds—up to 480Mbps—so you can easily transfer large files quickly.

Built to support USB PD rapid charging and offer full safety to your device’s battery and adapters, this cable’s unique E-Mark smart chip is its beating heart. You may rest easy knowing that this chip guarantees safe and efficient charging every time. Fast charging without sacrificing safety is possible with the AINOPE 100W cable.

This cable’s improved proprietary right-angle shape takes convenience to a whole new level. The revolutionary “L” form at 90 degrees improves both durability and use. This charger’s ergonomic design makes it easy to charge while playing games, viewing videos, or reading electronic books. Keep in mind that for a perfect fit, the charging port on your compatible mobile phone cover should be 5.5 mm thick.

With its 100W USB C to USB C cable, AINOPE ensures long-lasting performance. A unique SR junction and integrated laser welding technology strengthen this cable, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Tests in controlled environments have shown that it can endure 40,000 twists and stretches 30 times longer than standard cables. The cable’s tensile strength, which can withstand loads of up to 175 lbs, makes it one of the most durable options available, guaranteeing its dependability and lifespan.

The AINOPE 100W USB C to USB C Cable is a steal at $6 (down from $10) when you use the promo code J8XA2TC8. Its quality and performance are confirmed by the 10,000 ratings it has received from happy consumers. This cable provides unparalleled speed and reliability for charging a wide variety of devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus, MacBook Air/Pro, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy S24, and many more.

Finally, if you’re looking for a premium charging option for your contemporary gadget, go no further than the AINOPE 100W USB C to USB C Cable 10FT. Its creative design, sturdy build, and 100W super-fast charging capacity make it an essential item for tech lovers. It is evident that this cable provides outstanding performance and value, given its inexpensive price and numerous positive ratings from users. Discover AINOPE, the charging technology of the future.

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