Take This Lightning Cable Built-in 10000mAh Power Bank For Your iPhone At $16 [$34 OFF]

The TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with 3 Built-in Cables is on sale for $16.39 on Amazon. You immediately save $10 off the asking price, and by clipping the on-page coupon, you can further enhance your savings by 20%. Enter the discount code 39E8I7XM at checkout to save an additional $15.60.

A USB output port, a built-in micro cable type C connector, three additional cables for usage with all mobile phones, and more are all included with the power bank. Portable iPhone charger with a never-gets-dirty design and UV surface protection.

Amazon’s Popular OontZ Angle Solo Speaker Returns Back On Sale For $16 [$14 OFF]

The surface of this mobile iPhone charger is UV-polished and resistant to scratches. Thanks to improvements in battery cell technology, we are able to pack more power into this compact but dependable power bank. Because it is as thin as your phone, you can carry it about in your pocket or backpack (0.58 inches thick). A built-in battery cell that has received UL certification protects the device. A 10000mAh Li-polymer cell, which is twice as secure as a Li-ion cell, will be used in the battery pack charger.

$8 Gets You This Magnetic Wireless Charger For Your iPhone

With its lightning, type C, and micro USB connections, this ultra-compact portable battery pack eliminates the need for additional charging cords. Almost all mobile phones can be quickly charged with it. Your devices are shielded from EMI, reverse, overcurrent, overheating, overcharging, and discharging while they are being charged and stored.

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