Take HomeKit Enabled Air Quality Monitor From Eve For $75 Only

Amazon currently has an enticing deal on the latest Eve Room HomeKit Air Quality Monitor, now available for a reduced price of $74.95, and they sweeten the deal by offering free shipping. To make the most of this offer, make sure to click on the on-page coupon provided on the listing page. This deal stands out as a substantial markdown from the standard $100 price tag, resulting in impressive savings of $25. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that this deal represents the lowest price point reached in 2023, making it an exceptional value and the best price seen in over a month.

The Eve Room Air Quality Monitor is not just a smart device, but a smart addition to your home ecosystem. Going beyond basic air quality monitoring, it also offers the capability to track temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, it can provide real-time readings of airborne particles. All of these features are seamlessly integrated with Apple’s HomeKit platform, which means you can take advantage of the data collected to automate various devices in your environment. This could include setting fans, humidifiers, and air purifiers to operate based on the air quality data gathered by the Eve Room.

In this upgraded iteration, the Eve Room takes a step further by incorporating Thread support alongside the traditional Bluetooth connectivity. This means improved connectivity and efficiency, offering a more seamless experience within your smart home network. The monitor retains its sleek aluminum frame and the user-friendly E-ink display that were hallmarks of its predecessor. Notably, the Eve Room now also boasts Matter support, enhancing its compatibility with other smart home systems.

If you’re considering extending your smart surveillance outdoors, Amazon is concurrently offering the Eve Outdoor Cam with HomeKit compatibility for $218.89, thanks to an on-page coupon that brings down the price. With an original retail price of $250, this deal presents a substantial $31 discount and is one of the first noteworthy discounts of the year for this product.

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