T-CORE Magnetic Power Bank Made For iPhone Slashes By 50%

The compact and efficient T-CORE Magnetic Power Bank 10000mAh is available on Amazon for iPhone charging. This power bank is stylish and functional, now $15 instead of $30. It works with the iPhone 15, 14, 13, and 12 series and AirPods, making it a versatile Apple accessory. It fits MagSafe cases securely with its magnetic attachment, making charging on the go easy.

The 10000mAh T-CORE power bank can charge an iPhone 12 or 13 twice, making it ideal for travelers. Its reliability ensures that users can stay connected and share moments with loved ones on long journeys without worrying about battery life. The power bank’s large capacity reduces recharges, making travel easier.

Portability distinguishes the T-CORE power bank. It’s lighter than most power banks and doesn’t feel bulky. Its slim design makes it easy to carry in pockets or small bags. The upgraded magnetic force keeps the power bank securely attached to the phone even when moving or making calls, which is useful for busy users.

Elegant and modern, the T-CORE power bank will please fashionistas. Its clean lines and smooth surface make it a stylish accessory for modern smartphones. Its minimalist design makes it a great travel gift for family and friends. Elegant design leaves a lasting impression.

Also important to the T-CORE magnetic power bank is efficiency. Its 20W USB-C port charges an iPhone 14 to 58% in 30 minutes, saving time. Fast wireless charging up to 10W is available on the power bank. Dual charging lets users quickly charge their devices via wired or wireless methods.


The power bank works with multiple iPhone models and AirPods, making it convenient for Apple users. Since MagSafe cases allow phone charging without removal, its functionality is enhanced. This feature makes MagSafe accessory users’ lives easier.

The $15 T-CORE magnetic power bank is a great value. It was $30, but the discount makes it more appealing to budget-conscious shoppers. Its low price does not compromise quality or performance, providing fast and reliable charging.

The T-CORE power bank prioritizes user safety and functionality. Its advanced safety features prevent overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. These safety measures protect the power bank and connected devices during charging, giving users peace of mind.

A USB-C cable makes the T-CORE power bank easy to use. This addition lets users charge their devices right out of the box without buying accessories. The cable is designed to work seamlessly with the power bank for optimal charging.

The T-CORE Magnetic Power Bank 10000mAh is a great portable charger for anyone looking for reliability, style, and efficiency. Its large capacity, fast charging, compact design, and low price make it stand out. This power bank keeps devices charged and ready for travel or daily use.

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