This SZPOWER USB C Charger Is A Perfect Replacement For Your MacBook And It Is On Sale Today!

With the use of coupon code ‘J4CFSEAN‘ used on the checkout page, Amazon is offering a $17 discount on the SZPOWER 96W USB C Charger today. The USB C Charger is available for just $26 today, it was previously sold at $45.98.

Full charge laptop Pro 16 inch in just 1h 47mins, faster than the rate to charge a cellphone. Professional fast charge design at full speed 96W, higher charge performance than 87W, 61W, 30W USB C charger and supports MacBook Pro 15/13/12 inch, New Air 13 inch.

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Even though the Pro 16 inch has an 8724mAh battery that provides up to 11 hours of battery life, the 96W USB C charger takes almost the same amount of time to charge as the 15 inches.

The specialized 5A has an Emark chip built-in and is made of thicker copper wire to support a maximum of 5A 100W power through to charge 16 inches at full speed 96W.

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We add an extra LED indicator than the default charger, Cool green LED emits a soft, gentle glow so you can see the power of the device, find the charging port in the dark with a foldable plug for easy storage.

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