Suit Up Your iPhone 11 Pro Max With This $12 Silicone Case (15 Percent OFF)

SURPHY Silicone iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

The SURPHY Silicone Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is on sale for $12 right now at Amazon. You can score a 15 percent discount directly without using any discounted code for a limited time only.

In order to increase the bottom protection, the thicker silicone material was used to enhance the bottom of this silicone case. This is very helpful to protect our phones from falling.

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It’s designed for iPhone 11 Pro Max case, it’s fit snugly over the button and curve to fit. This is made with premium-grade, liquid silicone, and it is smooth to the touch.

For iPhone 11 Pro Max phone case, the lip protects your screen and camera from direct contact with surfaces such as shelves, tables, etc. You can now put your camera on the table without worrying about any scratch.

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The silicone material is sticky, therefore use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. The soft-touch cover prevents the mobile phone from scratches on surfaces. The corners of the case have been rounded to provide more flexibility. It will reduce tear when the user is putting or removing the phone casing.

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