Let Your Kids Draw On Their Touch Screen Tablet With This $12 Stylus Pens

Stylus Pens for Touch Screens iPad

Amazon is currently offering Pony Stylus Pens for Touch Screens for just $12 with a direct discount. This is 15 percent off the regular selling cost.

Aluminum cylinder pen body, disk tip position are connected by metal steel balls to improve durability and durability. This replaceable transparent disc gives your touchscreen tablets and smartphones a smooth pen-writing experience. Use a Pony stylus would make it easier to select an icon, scroll, draw, and play.

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New modern looks to the traditional design, the best elegant appearance is provided by the two-way magnetic cap, do not need to twist or push the hat back, just put the hat close to the pen, both sides will absorb automatically.

Special design for hidden disc tips. The replacement disk tips are hidden inside the pen cap. It can ensure that when the disc is broken or lost, you can use the pen in an emergency situation. There’s no need to carry the whole box out. This stylus also has a leather cover, make sure you can carry the pen out of any situation.

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Ready to use when you’re taking out a pen cap. Easy to use with Apple iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft, and other capacitive touch screen devices.

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