Store Your iPhones’ Photos With Amazon’s Unlimited Photo Cloud Storage – Free $15 Promo Credit Available

It’s tough to keep track of all your digital pictures these days. Switch between a few devices and memory cards and you have photographs collected in ten different locations suddenly. Amazon set out to keep all of your photos organized and accessible regardless of which device you’re on with its Amazon Photos app, and now you can even score a free $15 Amazon promo credit when you try it out for yourself. Best of all, the free service provides all Prime members with unlimited, full-resolution photo uploads and backups. Amazon Photos offers free 5 GB photo and video storage for all Amazon customers for those who are not Prime members.

To be eligible for this promotional credit, you’ll need a Prime membership, and it won’t work on a free 30-day trial for anyone, nor anyone who has tried the Amazon Photos app before. However, if you’ve already paid for Prime for at least a month and you’re a new user of Amazon Photos, you’re eligible for this deal, and there’s no reason not to use it. You can download the Amazon Photos app to iOS and Android devices, you just have to find it in either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. You can also download a Mac or PC desktop version.

You will need to first download an app version and then log in to your Prime account to receive your $15 promo credit. Once you’re in, Amazon will ask some questions about how you want to upload photos and may even start uploading right then and there based on your selections. Uploading a single photo to the Amazon Photos app will earn you a $15 credit, so you can either choose to back up your photos to Amazon or choose a photo to upload. You’ve just earned $15 like that.

Within seven days, the promo credit will be sent to your email, so be sure to keep an eye out as it expires on October 31. It can be used for $25 or more purchases and only for items that ships and sells. You can find more details about the offer here.

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