Still Charging iPhone 11 With An 5W Stock Wall Charger? Snag Anker 18W Adapter For $15

Anker 18W PIQ 3.0 Fast Charger Adapter-min

Anker’s small USB-C wall charger PowerPort III Nano is down on Amazon for $15.29. This saves you about $5 off its full cost and reduces the charger to a new low price without a voucher or code.

The PowerPort III is named nano as it’s so thin. It’s approximately the same size due to the power behind it as the default iPhone wall adapter. It is only an ultra-compact one-inch-thick so you can keep it anywhere you need it. The most recent Anker design technology uses customized magnetic components to reduce dimensions, increase efficiency and improve heat dissipation. Just look into the previous Anker design for a USB-C 18W power adapter, or look at a competitor such as RAVPower, and the compactness of this new release can be seen from the picture alone.

The single USB-C power supply port is 18W behind it, providing full speed charge for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Thanks to the new PowerIQ 3.0 technology from Anker, the adapter knows what the device is connected to. It works perfectly with any USB-C device and offers maximum power. You also receive an 18-month assurance from Anker when you buy it.

To charge a PowerPort III nano, you will need a proper USB-C cable, so make sure that you add a cable to your order if you don’t already have one or would like a dedicated cable to use with this charger. A USB-C to USB-C, and USB-C to USB-A, or a Lightning cable from USB-C to Amazon can be used for your devices.

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