Start 90 Days Amazon Music HD Free Trial On iPhone With This Offer

Amazon Music Trial

Do you already use a music streaming service such as Apple Music or Spotify? Take three months to take a look at Amazon Music HD. There are about 60 million songs streaming up to ten times the bitrate — which means you will hear the audio better than CD quality.

Oh, and this is free.  New subscribers can get Amazon Music HD for 90 days for a limited period of time. I saw similarly extensive trials for Amazon Music Unlimited that use compression like most other services, but it’s the first I can remember about Music HD.

The usual conditions are: after 90 days, a normal rate of $15 a month (or $13, if you’re a Prime Subscriber) will automatically be renewed. A $20 Family plan is also available. But at any time you can cancel, so you won’t have any cost.

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