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20W Output enables the fast charging for iPhone 13 series, and the fastest charging for iPhone 12 / MagSafe Charger / iPhone 11 / iPhone X / iPhone 8 / AirPods Max and more. Your iPhone 8 and later models, including the iPhone 12, will charge up to 3.1 times faster than the stock 5W charger.

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The ArcStation is 30 percent smaller than a normal 18W iPhone charger thanks to the Navitas Gallium Nitride (GaN) Chipset. Allows the charger to run more efficiently and produce less heat than a normal wall charger. Every component in the charger might be closer together if the Silicon semiconductor was replaced. More power may be crammed into a smaller area. It recognizes and provides the quantity of power your gadgets require using modern technologies and a GaN chip.

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It works flawlessly with most Type C devices, including the iPhone, iPad Air, Galaxy S20, Note 20, Pixel 5, and others, thanks to its 20W USB C PD charging. The foldable plug found on the ArcStation Pro allows you to easily place it in a pocket or bag for ease of travel thanks to its small body and compact design.

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