Use Your MacBook At The Comfortable Height With This Discounted Aluminum Stand For $20 (Save $30)

The SOQOOL Laptop Riser is being sold today at Amazon for just $19.99. Today’s offer allows you to save 20 percent on the original price when you clip the on-page coupon. And use the 8ZBKSXHV coupon code at the checkout to score an extra 50 percent discount.

The sleek compact laptop stand raises your laptop 6 inches to eye level, reducing awkward postures and relieving neck and shoulder strain. For long-term laptop use, an aluminum laptop stand relieves pressure on your wrist by elevating it at an ergonomic angle. We strongly advise using this stand in conjunction with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

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It’s easy to make a laptop stand for your desk. It has rubber inlets to keep it from slipping. The laptop stands for desk tilts at just the right degree to preserve your wrist and keep you in a neutral position. Smooth typing is ensured by the high-quality aluminum protecting hook and rubber anti-skid pad, which eliminates the need to worry about the laptop sliding and “rocking” back and forth.

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The aluminum laptop stands for the desk was built of high-quality aluminum alloy, and it was designed for optimal cooling to prevent your laptop from overheating while you’re using it. The perfect ventilation design allows more air to flow through your laptop, keeping it cool and preventing temperature-related crashes. An automatic boost in the battery life of your laptop!

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