Enjoy Non-Stop Music With Sony’s Wearable Speaker System For $148 (Save $52)

Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can get the Sony Wearable Speaker System for $148. Normally selling for $200, you can save directly $52 on the original price.

Full-range audio with reactive vibration directed straight at your ears. Without isolating you from your surroundings, personal dynamic and cinematic sound are created. You may experience deep and cinematic sound without feeling separated from your surroundings because the speaker rests on your shoulders rather than covering your ears. Consider it a personal soundbar that produces sound specifically for you!

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Low frequencies are converted to natural vibrations and can be turned on, off, or high low. RF technology ensures that what you see on the screen matches what you hear (Not Bluetooth). Personalized listening that produces high-quality audio even at low volumes. Using the digital optical or audio cable, connect the transmitter to your TV or other devices.

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Place the neck headphones on their dock for three hours to get up to seven hours of audio. The WS1 is light and comfortable to use, weighing only 0.74 pounds and featuring a flexible arch design and inside the cushion. Because the WS1 rests on your shoulders, it’s easy to wear for long periods of time without the pain of traditional headphones.

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