Snag These $22 True Wireless Earbuds Instead Of Apple AirPods If You Want To Save Money

_SOUNDPEATS True Wireless Earbuds with Smart Touch Control-min

The two Apple AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro are currently available at deep discounts. Go to Amazon and you will notice that the incredibly popular AirPods Pro is back at the all-time low price on Black Friday. If you do not need an active noise cancelation technology and are not interested in enhanced sound quality, you can also use AirPods 2 for noise-isolating silicone tips. The first version is $20 off at $139, while the new all-time low price of AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case comes down to $149.98. Right now, they’re just $11 more than the AirPods entry-level.

There’s no doubt they’re all fantastic deals and you’d have to be nuts to buy AirPods anywhere else than Amazon right now. That being said, even the cheapest AirPods model at present still costs well over $100, which makes it far from reachable to many. If you are looking for a new couple of cordless earbuds and are not interested in separating yourself with so much cash, we have two great deals to tell you, and both come from one of our favorite personal audio brands┬áSoundPEATS.

The first thing our readers love is to be one of the best prices we’ve ever seen is the SoundPEATS TrueCapsul Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds look pretty similar to black AirPods and even have voice assistant integration so that you can start like AirPods. They sell at $33, already $100 lower than the cheapest AirPods, but the coupon on-site combined with the LQU99BQH promo code cuts down that price to just $23.39.

There is a second deal for you to check out Amazon for Amazon if you want even more compact wireless earphones on sale for much less. The SoundPEATS TrueDot Wireless Earbuds are small entry-leveled earbuds for $29 and offer solid sound quality and battery life in some ways, although the size is small. Use the 3UVEVTX5 coupon code at check-out to get for only $21.74.

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