Snag EasyAcc 10W Smartphone Fast Wireless Charger Pad For $6.59 Only

It’s been sometime before you throw out your broken cables and chew them up. When you enter the QKX2TKVW promo code during check out, the 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad of EasyAcc drops only to $6.59 at Amazon. That saves just about 5 dollars off its regular price, which hasn’t fallen by itself in the past. The code only applies to the red model, whereas the other colors are only a few dollars more expensive.

This 10W wired charging pad comes with quality handmade PU leather which can be a good addition to your desk, bedside tables, kitchen counters or wherever you tend to lay your phone down. The device is supported by any Qi-enabled device and provides up to 10W for Samsung’s newest cellphones and Qi-enabled iPhone devices charge up to 7W and many other standard devices at 5W. There is also a USB5-foot built-in cable so that you never have to worry about it being misplaced. Plus, the cable is designed not to get tangled.

Even if it’s still in this case, you can charge your phone, although some very thick cases can cause signal disruption. Cases of less than 5 mm thickness should be okay. With this charger, EasyAcc includes an 18-month assurance. Nearly 250 customers have left Amazon’s feedback rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars for this wireless charging pad.

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