Snag Choetech 60W USB-C Wall Charger With PD 3.0 For All Your Apple Devices At $12

Ensure that you charge your electronics and laptop with the Choetech 60W USB-C Wall Charger as efficiently as possible. With Power Delivery 3.0, it is designed to offer an appropriate charge based on the connections to prevent overloading, over-voltage and more on your devices. Generally sold for up to $33, but now at Amazon, you can collect one for $11.67 when you clip on the coupon and use the promotional code KFD272NY. This low price also takes into consideration an optional discount exclusively available to Prime Members, even if the $12.79 non-Prime price is not bad either.

This wall loader has a USB-C single port with up to 60W output. Power Delivery 3.0 compatible devices will load even faster than others, although all devices should load safely with their built-in smart identifying chip which can recognize the voltage and current your device needs to properly load.

In just two hours, you can power laptops like the 13-inch MacBook Pro in full. You can use it with devices like the Nintendo Switch as well. It has a folding plug, is compact and can be packed in almost any bag. Just check that you’re accompanied by a USB-C cable or add one to your cart.

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