Smartphone Accessories: Aukey’s 2 Port Fast Wall Charger With USB C & USB A Port Down On Sale For $15

If you stack discounts by clicking the on-pages coupon and using ECL56KRA code during checkout, the Aukey 30W USB-C Power Deliver 2-port wall charger drops to $15.39 on Amazon. The coupon on the website takes down 20% and the code takes out another 10%, so you save a little compared to your normal $22 price.

This wall adapter is fitted with two ports. The first is USB-C, the second is USB-A. Used by itself, the USB-C port can deliver 30 W performance, but you can charge two devices with both ports simultaneously. If you do this, the 30W is divided between them so that the USB-C can only be 18W. That’s plenty of power and high-speed charging for all your mobile devices.

Wherever you go, you can take this charger with you, whether you need it for traveling or in-between classes. Compact, slim, and lightweight design. There is even a folding plug to keep the stuff inside your bag from snacking. Bring the adapter with you wherever you need it.

Aukey also creates safeguards to protect all your devices. Don’t think about overheating, unnecessary current or overloading. The charger receives a two-year Aukey warranty. 4.6 out of 5 stars on 111 reviews are given by consumers.

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