These Unique Headphone For Smartphone Comes With Crystal Clear Sound & They’re Dirt Cheap Right Now!

Small Bluetooth Headphones Behind The Head

Amazon is currently offering LEVIN Small Bluetooth Headphones Behind The Head for $20.39 and you don’t even need to enter a coupon code. The offer today saves over 30 percent off the usual selling price.

Instead of the ear canal, it would rest outside your ears. This ergonomic headphone remains so much better than earbuds if you are on the treadmill. It is still comfortable to wear with glasses.

You’re not even able to notice your headphones when you go to a run with them to facilitate the running of my music shuffle. Use these earphones for backs packing and in the gym.  You can even wear them on a pillow or under a hat with your head.

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There are 4 control buttons on the earphones. There are controls for the right-hand earphone to pick up calls, increase or lower volume, and skip ahead or go back a bit. Each button is shown with a raised dot, but it is easy to navigate if you take a minute to place your finger on the dial. Enjoy true hands-free phone calls and music on the go. Calling is stereo, sounds like calling quality if you hold your phone.

Headphones arrived fully charged and ready to get out of the box. Use it a few hours a day and charge it on Monday, the battery would last for the whole week.

The headphones come in a small travel case and when not worn, the band that goes around the neck retains a twisted position for compact storage.

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