Shoot Buttery Smooth Videos With Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone Gimbal For $103

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-axis Gimbal for Smartphones are available via Amazon for $103.20 when using FYSCJENB codes at checkout. This is one of the best deals we’ve ever tracked down from its $130 or so rate. This is perfect for your smartphone or GoPro to stabilize when recording video, with the mounts, included. With the Smooth 4, you will have net focus pulling and zooming ability and charging. This allows you to connect your smartphone to the portable battery and load it onto the Smooth 4. This kit is also supplied with the GoPro adapter and counterweight so that all you need are safe to do. 4.3/5 stars ratings.

Product Highlights:

SMOOTH 4 Compatible Filmic Pro: Zhiyun Smooth 4 handheld gimbal stabilizer now compatible with Filmic Pro. It turns your mobile phone into a professional filmmaking camera more easier than before. But PLEASE BALANCE THE GIMBAL before power up and it is better to watch the tutorial video on youtube

Applicable for Smartphone Models: The motor power of Smooth 4 has increased to a large extent, making it compatible with all sizes ios and android smartphones. In the meantime, it can be used together with many accessories such as LED light and camera lens(Gopro adapter and 60g Counterweight included). Smooth 4 is versatile in different environments, releasing the potential of phone camera anywhere, anytime

Making Your Own Smooth Videos: Focus Pull & Zoom Capability: smoothly zoom in/out the footage and create more diverse images by rotating it’s unique follow focus handwheel; Time Lapse Expert: Smooth 4 can realize features such as Timelapse, moving time-lapse and Motionlapse, recording lives and displaying the art of time flow; Object Tracking: You can frame the object you want to track on the screen and the stabilizer can do the rest

Control Panel Technology upgrade: Hot Keys Design for Instant Controls can reduce the need to touch the screen; PhoneGo Mode for Instant Scene Transition: By simply triggering the button on the back, Smooth 4 release the potential of motors in a flash which can respond to every delicate movement without delay; Two-way Charging with Longer Runtime: Smooth 4 can run for 12 hours in a row(Lighting and Type-c input charging cable included)

How to Balance the Mobile Gimbal: If the smartphone fails to stay in level and keeps tilting when mounted, loosen the Roll (Y) axis thumbscrew to adjust the gravity center by sliding the horizontal arm until the smartphone stays still and vertical on the tilt axis. Tighten the thumb screw after the smartphone is well balanced in level to ensure normal operations

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