Secure Your Home With Eufy Security Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell For $108

You might have decided against a video doorbell for the moment-but video doorbell from Ring aren’t the only choices out there for all your recent privacy concerns regarding Ring devices in the news. The new Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell from Eufy Security does not require the police to request surveillance footage without a warrant and is even marginally more inconspicuous than most Ring cameras.

Thanks to Amazon’s $20 discount on the page and DBSDCD77 discount, Eufy’s 2K Video Doorbell is now just $107.99. This is usually $160 and the price today is one of the lowest up to now.

The 2k video doorbell of Eufy has an HDR resolution of 2560x 1920, ensuring quality video recordings. You can listen to anyone who comes close to your door directly with two-way audio. The camera uses state-of-the-art AI tech and algorithms to identify body and face patterns. The device is also designed to be weather resistant so that you don’t have to worry that the products are exposed to the elements.

You will get alerts to your phone that show you who’s at the door, and you can contact your guests straight away when you’re back. The wireless chime included alerts you even though you’re not on your phone to activity at your door. This is a Ring system accessory for which you have to pay extra. The Eufy Doorbell is Alexa compatible, allowing you to check at your front door at any time with your Echo device with a screen. It works with Google Assistant as well.

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