Secure Your Home With Eufy Security Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell For $106, Usually $160

You may have decided against owning a video doorbell for the time being, with all of the news related to privacy concerns about Ring Devices, but Video Doorbells from Ring are not the only choice. The new 2K Video Doorbell Eufy Security Wi-Fi doesn’t allow police to request the images of your camera without a warrant, it’s a little more unclear than many Ring camera models.

Due to Amazon’s limited-time sale, Eufy’s 2K Video Doorbell is now down to just $105.99 when you clip their on-page coupon and use the WRECUTDB2 promo code before checking out. You save more than $50 off your usual $160 price.

Eufy’s 2K video doorbell has HDR and distortion correction resolution of 2560x 1920, ensuring quality video recording. You can hear and talk directly to anyone who approaches your door with two-way audio. In order to detect body shapes and face patterns, the camera uses advanced AI technology and algorithms. The device is also built to be weatherproof so you don’t have to fear that it’s exposed to the elements and outdoors.

You are going to be informed on your phone that someone is at the door, and you can immediately communicate from your phone to let your guests know when you are back. Even if you are away from your phone, the included wireless chime alerts you to activity at your door. With Ring’s system, that’s an accessory you have to pay extra for. Eufy’s doorbell is Alexa compliant, so you can test your Echo device at all times with a screen at your front door.

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