Secure Apple AirPods From Losing With $8 elago Strap

Elago from Amazon provides a white AirPods Strap for $7.99. Up to $12 on a regular basis but more recently $10, today’s deal is an all-time low new Amazon and the best we’ve tracked at any retailer to date. Elago’s AirPods Strap makes tracking your earbuds easy by adding a simple silicone cable between your left and right ears. This is a great option to consider if you’ve ever struggled to keep your AirPods in place. Best of all, on a use-by-use basis, you can easily remove the strap. 3.7/5 stars are rated.

From the Product Page:

√ Measured and made to the ideal length for movement.

√ Compact, lightweight and extremely durable.

√ Ideal for keeping AirPods close by during outdoor activities.

√ Made of high-quality silicone material, easy to remove and install, comfortable to wear, no damage to your skin.

√ The tangle-free design makes the cable easy to store and you can wind it without having to worry about knots or kinks.

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