Score Baseus 100W USB C Cable For iPhone/iPad/Mac For $8

The Baseus 100W PD Fast Charging USB C to USB C Cable is now on sale at Amazon for $8 when you use the coupon code JQNLMGAN at checkout. With today’s sale, you can save more than 30% off the regular price of $13.

A major step forward in charging technology is the USB C Cable from Baseus, which boasts 100W PD (Power Delivery) and 5A QC 4.0 (Quick Charge). Among the many high-end devices that this cable is compatible with—including the iPhone 15 series, MacBook, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, and Samsung S23/S22+—is its ability to support fast charging. An indispensable accessory for users in need of dependable and rapid power solutions on the move, the 100W power delivery guarantees efficient and rapid charging of even power-hungry devices.

This Baseus USB C to USB C Cable stands out due in part to its sturdy build. It has a zinc alloy shell that makes it more durable and gives it a more premium appearance. The cable ends are protected from wear and tear by this material choice, so they last even with frequent use. Additionally, the cable is resistant to tangling and can endure rough handling thanks to the nylon braided exterior, which adds an extra layer of robustness.

The Baseus 100W PD cable is an adaptable component of any technological setup due to its wide range of compatible devices. For those who are passionate about Apple products, it is compatible with the newest iPhone 15 series, as well as a range of MacBook and iPad models. This cable is also going to be really helpful for Android users, especially those who have Samsung’s flagship devices, the S23 and S22+. There will be less need for a variety of cables thanks to this extensive compatibility, which allows a single cable to power numerous devices.

This cable supports Quick Charge 4.0 technology, which allows for fast charging. By doing so, you can charge compatible devices at maximum speed, which will drastically cut down on downtime. This cable provides the performance you need to keep your devices powered, whether you need to rapidly charge your phone before leaving or keep your laptop powered all day long.

The Baseus cable can do more than just charge your device; it can also transfer data quickly. If you often move huge files between devices, this feature is a must-have. The rapid data transfer capabilities of this cable make it ideal for use in situations where you need to sync data between your laptop and phone or do backups to an external drive.

If you’re in the market for a long-lasting, dependable, and quick-charging USB C to USB C cable, the Baseus 100W PD 5A QC 4.0 is a great pick. It stands out from the crowd of USB C cables thanks to its premium build quality, extensive device compatibility, and high-performance charging and data transfer capabilities. This cable is specifically engineered to fulfill all of your charging requirements, regardless of whether you use an Android or Apple device.

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