Score 50% Off On Select Prime Channels For 3 Months

Being a Prime Member is perfect for more than just getting your final presents on time for your two-day free shipping holidays. All exclusive promotions, subscription rewards, and Prime Video streaming services are also available. You can even watch many of your favorite content from other networks using the Prime Video Channels from the Amazon streaming service from TV shows and movies to documentaries. Prime members can add 50 percent off their usual cost for three full months on channels such as STARZ, Showtime, and PBSKids for an additional monthly fee! For this offer, only selected Prime Video Channels are available, although there is not a small selection.

The Prime Video Channels offer today is valid on several of the best channels of the service such as:

  • Boomerang
  • MTVHits
  • PBSKids
  • Lifetime Movie Club
  • Comedy Central Now
  • Showtime
  • Noggin
  • NickHits

The complete set includes even more. This offer from Prime Video Channels is one of the most affordable ways to watch some of this content, particularly from premium movie channels such as STARZ and Showtime. You have access to a large library of on-demand content, which will keep you busy for the next few months.

For today’s offer, some Prime Video Channels cost less than $2 a month, like Comedy Central Now and Lifetime Movie Club, both of which are now just $1.99 a month. PBS Living is only available for $1.49. The best part of this deal is that you are not forced into keeping the channel for three full months; if you consider that your subscription is not right, you can cancel it at any time, although only a month has passed.

The ability to tun in almost anywhere is another great feature of Prime Video Channels. Download your smartphone or tablet with the free Prime Video app to access content from the channels to which you are subscribed whenever you wish. You can also use the Prime Video app to use your computer, smart TV or streaming device.

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