Free Up Your iPhone & iPad Storage With This $31 Flash Drive

The SCICNCE 512GB iPhone Flash Drive is available from Amazon for $30.99. With the current promotion, you’re able to directly save $5 off the list price when you clip the on-page coupon.

With three interfaces on the iPhone Photo Stick that enable USB 3.0, iPhone, Micro USB, and Type C (independent adapter), it is simpler to switch up storage options and the experience of transferring data between various devices. Additionally, by saving your recorded videos, photos, or favorite movies on the photo stick, you may watch them directly on the 512GB iPhone flash drive.

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With just one click from the APP, you can instantly back up your phone’s photos, movies, and contacts with the aid of this iPhone USB flash drive. You may also utilize the USB side to store your own backups on your computer for additional security. WiFi and the internet are no longer necessary. When you use this iPhone USB drive to travel or do other things, you won’t have to worry about running out of space. You may watch movies and listen to music on this iPhone flash drive image stick without taking up any space on your phone. The only setup requirements are connecting the iPhone storage device and installing the “Y-DISK” software on your iPhone. The flash drives are compatible with iOS devices running iOS 7.1.2 or later, OTG Android devices, laptops, and other USB-connected devices.

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With read and write rates of up to 80 and 40 MB/s, respectively, you may reduce waiting periods. Furthermore, you have the option of instantly uploading documents and images from your photo storage to websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. You may share files, photos, and videos with friends, colleagues, and family using the iPhone Photo Stick without having to worry about your personal information being compromised. You can use Touch ID or a password to encrypt particular files. Utilizing the encrypted data will be simpler and safer because it cannot be accessed on a computer.

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