Backup Your iPhone Storage With This 512GB Flash Drive, $25 Only

On Amazon, the SCICNCE 512GB iPhone Flash Drive is available for $24.99. When you clip the on-page coupon, you may currently save instantly 20% off the original price as well as $5 off the list price.

The iPhone Photo Stick has three interfaces that support USB 3.0, iPhone, Micro USB, and Type C (additional adaptor), making it easier to move between storage options and transmit data between devices. You may watch recorded movies, images, or your favorite movies directly on the 512GB iPhone flash drive if you keep them on the photo stick.

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With the aid of this iPhone USB flash drive, you can quickly back up your phone’s images, movies, and contacts with just one click from the APP. For further protection, you can use the USB side to keep your own backups on your computer. There is no longer a need for WiFi or the Internet. You won’t have to worry about running out of space when utilizing this iPhone USB drive for travel or other uses. This iPhone flash drive image stick lets you watch movies and listen to music without using up any storage space on your phone. Downloading and installing the “Y-DISK” program on your iPhone is the only prerequisite for setup. The flash drives work with Android OTG devices, computers, and other USB-connected devices as well as iOS cellphones running iOS 7.1.2 or later.

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Wait times can be decreased by using read and write rates of up to 80 and 40 MB/s, respectively. You also have the option of immediately uploading files and pictures from your photo storage to websites like Facebook and Twitter. With the iPhone Photo Stick, you may share data with friends, family, and coworkers without having to worry about your privacy being violated. Certain files can be password- or Touch ID-protected. Because a computer cannot access the encrypted data, using it will be easier and safer.

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