Save $90 On Ring Video Doorbell Pro With Echo Show 8 Bundle From Amazon Right Now

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Show 8-min

Right now everybody’s priority must be to stay at home, to distance yourself when you have to leave your home and to be extra aware of not touching your face all the time and washing your hands. The new outbreak of coronavirus is the most serious pandemic in our lives and “help” in the form of a vaccine does not come soon. We are responsible for slowing down the spread of COVID-19 to prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed and helping people who are needing help. Perhaps you think it’s perfect health and if you get sick it will not be a big deal. You may be right because 80% of COVID-19 cases are mild. However, for up to two weeks you might still be asymptomatic and know how many people you can infect if you don’t become self-quarantined. Stay, just stay at home.

Given all that, it doesn’t really sound like such a big deal to deal with some delays in products we order from Amazon. Last week, it announced it would stop shipping most non-essential products by the end of April so they could concentrate on things like healthcare. In other words, some good deals are still available and we will immediately tell you about three of them. There are also some solid deals.

The first two bundles are both and save you up to $90 when you purchase a popular Ring Video Doorbell Pro and bundle it with an Echo Show 5 or a larger 8. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Echo Show 5 package usually costs $339, but you can buy one for just $259 right now, which essentially means you get a  Echo Show 5 for $10. The $379 Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Echo Show 8 bundles for $289 is on sale, if you prefer an 8-inch display rather than a compact 5-inch model.

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