Save 43% On Anker 100W USB C Charger Block From Amazon Right Now!

The Anker 100W USB C Charger Block (GaN II) is a great addition to the market, charging a variety of devices at high power. This charger’s advanced technology and compact design set it apart in the competitive mobile device accessory market. This accessory is ideal for charging multiple devices quickly and efficiently.

The 2022 CES Innovation Award for mobile devices and accessories went to the Anker 100W USB C Charger Block. This award recognizes the charger’s superior performance and advanced technology, setting it apart from competitors. This recognition is noteworthy because the CES Innovation Awards honor products with outstanding engineering, functionality, and user value.

This charger is notable for its ultra-fast charging. Users can charge laptops 100W via either USB-C port. This feature is useful for professionals who use their devices intensively and cannot afford long charging times. Productivity and convenience can be improved by quickly charging a laptop.

Additionally, the Anker 100W USB C Charger Block charges three devices simultaneously. Multi-device charging without power loss lets users charge their MacBook, iPhone, and AirPods simultaneously. Due to its advanced design and engineering, the charger manages multiple devices efficiently.

This charger is 34% smaller than the original 96W MacBook power brick, making it portable. GaN II technology makes it smaller and easier to carry and store, making it ideal for travelers and mobile people. The charger efficiently delivers 100W despite its small size.

The charger’s performance depends on GaN II technology. Anker reduced the charger’s size and increased power output by increasing the operating frequency by 100% and using a stacked design and upgraded circuit board structure. The charger is more compact, efficient, and reliable thanks to this advanced technology.

The Anker 100W USB C Charger Block is a great value at $43, down from $75. Due to the discount, more people can use this high-performance charger’s advanced features and charging abilities. Its price and technology make it a market contender.

The charger works with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Google Pixelbook, ThinkPad, Dell XPS, iPad Pro, Galaxy S22/S20, iPhone 15/14/Pro, and others. This broad compatibility lets users use a single charger for multiple devices, simplifying charging and reducing the need for multiple chargers.

The Anker 100W USB C Charger Block prioritizes safety and reliability. The charger prevents power surges and overheating with its advanced circuit board structure and high-quality components. For expensive devices to last and for users to trust the charger, safety is essential.

Anker 100W USB C Charger Block (GaN II) is a compact, versatile, and technologically advanced charging solution. Its CES 2022 Innovation Award shows its excellent design and functionality. This charger meets modern user needs with ultra-fast charging, multi-device support, and GaN II technology for portability. Competitive pricing makes it a valuable tech accessory for anyone.

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