Save $29 On Apple’s Official Smart Keyboard For iPad

If you have the 12.9-inch Apple’s iPad Pro or the new iPad Air and you’re still searching for a smart keyboard, today is the day. You can save $29 either on the 12.9-inch Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro or on the 10.2-inch (7th-gen) iPad and iPad Air 2019 smart keyboard. Such official Apple keyboards barely deviate from retail prices, so if you want to add a keyboard to your setup, such discounts are worth jumping on.

Whether you’re interested in taking notes at a meeting, making email replies easier, or perhaps writing your next essay right from your iPad, one such keyboard would make it a lot easier. Anyone of these smart keys you are using, you’ll get a full-size, a number row keyboard that makes typing a great thing. You can also provide keyboard shortcuts that you will learn from your Mac and that allow you to be over-productive.

The iPad and iPad Air edition serve as a screen cover when covered, similar to the Smart Cover, while the Smart Keyboard Folio (as the name suggests) wraps around the entire iPad Pro. All options are operated by the Smart iPad connector, which means that Bluetooth pairs or internal battery charges are not required. They can be easily connected and removed with innovative magnets that hold them safely.

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