Save $20 Plugable 512GB Thunderbolt 3 External SSD For USB C Powered Laptop

When handling large files, Speed is the name of the game. You want more than just space, whether you are a photographer dealing in raw photographs, a videographer who needs some scratch store, or a player who wants mobile and fast access to the games. The new 512 GB Thunderbolt 3 NVMe solid-state drive offers you the space you need and gives you incredible speed compared to almost any external drive. Moreover, now you’ll be able to get this new device at just 179 dollars on Amazon with a regular $20 off the price if you click the coupon on the page.

The Thunderbolt 3 starts with speeds of 40 Gbps. This drive requires a compatible Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port, or it won’t work with non-Thunderbolt 3 ports. Although this means that you are limited to more modern machines, it also means that you have the best connection possible. The read-and-write speeds of the NVMe SSD can reach as quick as 2400 MB / s respectively and 1800 MB / s. The drive is also powered by the port to prevent you from requiring an external power supply.

There is a complete metal body in the design. The heat is dispersed and your drive is protected. There are no moving parts because it’s an SSD and not a regular hard drive. This means that it’s not almost as vibrative as being squeezed inside your backpack. It is even supplied with its own bag to take the SSD wherever you go.

The drive has been pre-formatted in exFAT so that Windows, Mac, and Linux work. The latest versions of MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air are only compatible. Anything earlier than 2016 is iffy and Boot Camp is inaccessible. One good thing about this large compatibility and the plug-and-play feature is that it can switch between the platforms seamlessly. A three-year warranty also applies to the drive.

Is 512 GB not sufficient space? Upgrade to this drive’s 2 TB edition. It is only for $469 on sale when you cut the $30 off coupon on the website. This is as low as the 2 TB drive ever, so much even if it’s a little more expensive.

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