Save 15% On eufy Security eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Add-On Camera From Amazon

Amazon has a stellar deal on the EufyCam 2 add-on, which you don’t want to miss if your home is built on a new EufyCam 2 Wireless home security system. It’s just $127.49 for a limited time, saving you over $20 off its $150 regular price. The deal today is one of the best prices ever obtained.

To use this camera you will need the eufy HomeBase 2. If you already own a EufyCam 2, you should have one. But if your device is new, you can actually pick up the 2-camera package for $297.49 on sale. It includes HomeBase 2 so you can start with everything you need.

This is the second generation of Eufy’s home security system, and it has just been launched, so it’s pretty important to see an offer. The EufyCam 2 also significantly improves on the first-generation EufyCam E in several aspects. You’re going to get more advanced A.I. tools for facial recognition to help prevent false positives. The new EufyCam 2 can tell the difference between known people, objects, dogs and birds, and anything else you could have been alerted by the old EufyCam E. You’ll also get a better weather-resistant IP rating. The new EufyCam 2 has an IP67 rating, meaning it is much more water-resistant than the older generation’s IP65 rating. It comes with 8x digital zoom, something which the original doesn’t have.

In addition, the camera has 16 GB of local storage that can store up to a year’s worth of images, a battery that can last 365 days on a single charge, 1080p video recording, night vision that works up to 25 feet away, two-way audio, and a 140-degree wide-angle lens so you can capture your entire home.

It also has a sophisticated smart home integration. It is possible to connect and monitor the camera system from your smartphone through your Wi-Fi. Also, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s HomeKit, which is another new feature for the series, can be used for voice commands.

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