Save $10 On Apple Pencil Second Generation From Amazon Right Now

One thing that separates Apple’s iPad Pro products from the rest of the iPad lineup is the second-gen Apple Pencil. Most consumers would opt for a deal with the intuitive style of their genius latest tablet with the launch of a new iPad Pro. Amazon is now offering the best deal, reducing the price to just $119.96. That’s $10 off its regular rate of $129 and the best price we have seen since holidays. Whether you’ve picked up your first iPad Pro or if you’re going to pick it up, now is a perfect time to get your hands on it.

Apple’s 2020 iPad lineup’s great news is that the current Apple Pencil 2 will still work and remain constant. The 2nd-gen Pencil of Apple has a matte design with a flat edge, so it does not roll on the flat surfaces. When connected to the iPad Pro via magnets, it can also charge wirelessly, avoiding the need to plug it into the iPad port to recharge and get rid of the end cap that was too easy to lose on the first-gen model.

Apple Pencil is fully pressure-sensitive and tilt-sensitive, meaning you can push harder against the screen to have a denser line or tilt your Pencil against the screen to virtually “shade” in a drawing or draw calligraphic letters. The 2nd-generation version has the added advantage of one extra function, accessed by double-tapping the Apple Pencil flat side near the nib.

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