Samsung’s 27 Inch Monitor For iMac Drops To $250 Only, Usually $400

Amazon has Samsung’s computer monitor The Space 27-inch 1440p down to a $249.99 low price. Only once before, Space dropped this low and we shared that deal back in August, too.

It’s called Space because that’s what it’s meant to save. The built-in arm stand is attached to your desk edge. It is a clamp that up to 3.54 inches thick supports any desk. That makes it quick and easy to install. Moreover, you can raise and lower the stand and even make it sit flush against a wall or your desk. You can save a lot of usable space without the stand cluttering your desktop.

The monitor look includes a slim panel to access the features of the display and three sides that have no bezel at all. In a double or triple monitor setup, this makes it extremely immersive and amazing. You can also keep your desk free of the clutter that way with just one cable that sits smoothly behind the arm stand.

The screen specifications include a WQHD resolution of 2560x 1440 pixels and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It also has a response time of 4 ms and uses a panel of VA. The options for connectivity include an HDMI port and a mini DisplayPort. It comes with Samsung’s one-year guarantee.

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