CYBER MONDAY: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm LTE Smartwatch Drops To $259!

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm LTE Smartwatch is on sale right now at Amazon for just $259. Normally selling for $329, today’s offer allows you to save directly $71 on the original price.

Your Galaxy Watch5 with LTE connectivity is all you need. Without your phone or Wi-Fi, you can make or receive calls, keep track of your workouts, send texts, and open a playlist wherever you are. Utilize a modern sleep tracker that can detect and evaluate different sleep stages while you are sleeping to manage your overall quality of sleep. Additionally, Advanced Sleep Coaching analyzes your sleep patterns to assist you in creating better sleep habits.

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On your wrist, the Galaxy Watch5 offers body composition information. You can now obtain readings of your body mass index, basal metabolic rate, body water, skeletal muscle, and body fat on your own time (BMI). Stay informed about your health, With an upgraded, curved Samsung BioActive Sensor that gets closer to your skin, you may obtain an accurate heart rate.

Make the most of every experience with Auto Workout Tracking, which allows you to track more than 90 workouts manually, including challenging ones like HIIT, as well as activities like running, rowing, and swimming automatically in a matter of minutes.

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The Galaxy Watch5 is the watch that keeps up with your busy day thanks to its enhanced battery. With Galaxy devices that are synced and flawlessly coordinated, do more. Even the toughest days are no match for the Galaxy Watch5. Its sapphire crystal glass front is 1.6 times stronger and resistant to the issues that are part of daily life.

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