Samsung UV Sanitizer With Qi Wireless Charger For Smartphone Hits New Low At $40

Amazon offers Samsung UV Sanitizer With Qi Wireless Charger for $40 with a direct discount. Usually, $50, the offer today saves $10 off the regular price.

Just close the lid and press the button for 10 minutes to disinfect. To ensure safety, sanitation will stop automatically when the lid is open.

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High germicidal efficiency has been approved. Ensures 99% sanitation impact. Tested by the world’s leading inspection and testing companies, Intertek and SGS! UV-C light kills up to 99 percent of harmful germs and bacteria, including E, effectively.

The magnetic cover keeps the sanitizer sealed during sanitization, giving users stability, while the rubber stopper cushions the impact and, when opening and closing the case, buffers noise.

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Not just kill germs for your smartphone, but also for several items, including glasses and accessories.

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