Get The SAMSUNG 10,000mAh Super Fast 25W Portable Power Bank At 50 Percent OFF Today!

The SAMSUNG 10,000 mAh Super Fast 25W Portable Power Bank is on sale right now at Amazon for $25. Normally selling for $49.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly 50 percent on the original price.

It’s not just your phone that can be charged quickly. It provides 25W of Super Fast Charging for your devices and for itself, allowing you to swiftly charge your phone and replenish your battery pack.

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With Super Fast Charging, you can fast-charge your phone. Your Galaxy Note 10 can charge at 25 Watt when connected through a USB-C connection. You can charge two devices at the same time, so while you’re charging your phone, you can give your friend a boost with the enormous 10, 000 mAh battery. Overcurrent and Over Voltage Protection ensures that you can power up without fear of damaging your equipment due to excessive current levels.

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While charging your phone, you can also charge your portable battery. You can charge a phone via the USB-A port while the battery is plugged in and charging with a wall charger. The battery supports PD and Quick Charge up to 25W, as well as Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charge up to 15W.

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