Power Up Your iPhone Wirelessly With This 15W Wireless Charging Stand, $16.99 Only

For today, you can pick up the SAFUEL 15W Wireless Charging Stand at $16.99 from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 43% off the original price.

A high-efficiency chip delivers 5W regular charge for other smartphones and 15W fast charge for LG, 10W fast charge for Samsung Galaxy, 7.5W fast charge for iPhone. Has a clever adaptable LED indication that shines during the day and dims at night. As a result, you’ll stay informed without having to deal with obnoxious lights at night.

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With its dual-coil design, your phone will charge in either landscape or portrait mode, allowing you to use it more. To ensure that you receive a safe and secure charge, the sophisticated FOD system automatically recognizes all foreign objects that obstruct wireless charging. Without ever cutting power, the dual Conductivity coils let you stand in a portrait position for a Facetime chat or use facial recognition while watching films in landscape configuration.

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Unique AirFuel technology and the most cutting-edge NPO capacitors are used to maximize power conversion while minimizing heat. To prevent your phone battery from overheating and damage, it does away with the conventional noisy cooling fan and instead intelligently and silently regulates temperature in real-time using the state-of-the-art NTC Temp°Guard.

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