$30 Adjustable MacBook Stand Available Today For Just $17

For today, you can pick up the RSTIGER Adjustable MacBook Stand for just $16.79 from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 44 percent on the original price without applying any special discount code at the checkout.

The laptop stand is constructed out of a more robust aluminum alloy, which makes it more stable and produces less shaking. It is possible for the stand’s rubber feet to stop it from sliding across the desktop. The laptop can be fastened in place, which offers the highest level of protection.

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Because it adds an additional 6 inches of height to the notebook computer, the notebook stand offers a solution to the problem of neck and shoulder pain that can be brought on by using a computer for extended periods of time whether working or relaxing. You will be able to achieve the ideal sight level and avoid yourself from being too little on the screen.

A heat dissipation pad made of aluminum alloy is one of the components that contribute to the laptop computer’s overall cooling. Because of the forward angle and open design, there is good ventilation and circulation, which results in more area for heat dissipation and helps to keep the notebook computer from getting too hot.

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In addition, you may take advantage of the space under the stand to store office supplies like a keyboard and mouse. The forward-leaning and open design give the best airflow to keep the laptop cool, and the open design provides more natural cooling air than the closed form does. Make sure to leave some room underneath for your keyboard.

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