Roku Streaming Stick+ Streaming Device is Down To $49, Usually $59

Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K HDR Media Player is currently offered by Amazon for $49. Usually, 60 dollars is good today for over 18 percent discount, corresponds to our preceding quote, and is less than 1 dollar from 2019. Roku Streaming Stick+ is your ticket for Hulu, Netflix, and now Apple TV 4-K HDR content. The integration of the Voice Assistant allows you to pair media players with your smart home and either call or call an Alexa or Assistant to pull out favorite shows or adjust your replay settings. The 4.7/5 star rating of over 4,700 shoppers.

From the Product Page:

√ Powerful, portable, exceptional wireless

√ Advanced wireless receiver for 4x the range

√ Brilliant 4K, HDR, and HD streaming

√ Voice remote with TV Power and volume.Power input: 5 Volts,1 Ampere power adapter

√ 500, 000 Plus movies and TV episodes, easy to use remote, intuitive navigation, search across top channels

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