Ring Peephole Cam is Discounted For The First Time, $149 Today [Usually $199]

A slate of the Ring’s smart home devices, including the all-new Ring Peephole Cam, has been released for Black Friday early in the Amazon Black Friday Deals Week. This product launched at a normal price of $199 only last month and is now on sale for $149.

The Ring’s Peephole Cam is the perfect ring device for people who can’t install a traditional doorbell but still want all the features of a Ring Video Doorbell at home. This system replaces the existing peephole of your door with a 1080p HD doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to guests with a smartphone or tablet app. If someone knocks at the door, presses the doorbell button, or sets off the integrated motion sensors, you can even set it up to send you alerts. Best of all, it’s easy to install and comes with all the tools you need in less than five minutes to get the job done. There is no need for drilling or wiring.

You can even link your Ring device to Amazon Alexa so that you can speak to the front door guests and receive updates using a compatible device like the Echo Dot. Never worry about the theft of Peephole Cam because all Ring devices come with theft protection, which guarantees that Ring replaces it free if a thief manages to snatch the cam from your door.

Today another worth considering Ring device deal will bring this Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Echo Show 5 to only $139. That’s 10 bucks lower than the deal today with the Peephole Cam and you will get the brilliant Echo Show 5 that not only allows you to hear and talk with your guests but also to look at them! It also allows you to stream Netflix and Prime Video movies and TV shows, ask Alexa for anything, hear the latest news, weather reports, and more.

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