Repair Your Apple Device Yourself With This Toolkit For $7

Why do you pay hundreds to someone else if you can be your own repairman (or woman) and fix your own tech for much less? The correct YouTube video and a suitable toolset, such as the 27-piece Tekton Everybit Precision Bit and Driver Kit, are all necessary. This set is designed to support the repair of small electronics and other domestic articles, such as glasses and bracelets, that require delicate accuracy. Thanks to Amazon’s sale, one can be ordered in almost four years at its lowest price. Now just $6.67, the deal today saves you several dollars off the average costs and again once you have forgotten your visit to the repair store.

The Everybit Kit of Tekton features specially selected bits that can help you fix tons of smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles. This includes even iPhone and MacBook pentalobe bits.

The set with a free-spinning finch allows you to apply a constant finger pressure while you are in the middle of a repair. There is also a spudger, which allows you to open device cabinets safely and easily without harm or injury. Tekton even contains a pocket storage case to keep everything inside if not in use. More than 2,100 customers in Amazon left the toolset for review, which resulted in a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

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