Raise Your Computer Monitor To Your Eye Level With $16 ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser


Amazon is selling the ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser for $16 when the discount code ATMS045OFF is used at the checkout. Usually, this is sold for $20. 

The monitor, made of aeronautical aluminum and covered with a metallic finish for the platform, looks incredibly graceful.

ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser-min

This monitor shelf rise keeps the flattest LCD monitors, notebooks, printers steadily (up to 36 lbs) with the premium steel construction of supporting pads. The non-slip pad below keeps your legs in place and protects your laptop from damage.

The ATUMTEK desktop stand lifter raises your computer screen to eye level, relieves strain on your neck, back and shoulders, and increases comfort for productive work.

The adjustable monitor raiser with a perforated mesh hole platform helps prevent overheating and keeps the computer cool. Premium aluminum material is also an expert in heat dissipation.

This monitor stands easily releases more precious space on your desk, leaving your desk neat and tidy and keeps the small size of your keyboard, mouse, play equipment, and more.

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