Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Down On Sale For $54

Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

This small but notable discount is back for this high-end laptop stand option, which rarely sees a notable drop to $54, from a typical street price of around $70. Our Guide to the best laptop stand is the top choice for Rain Design iLevel 2. Our guide praises this option for its robustness and adjustability. The easy-to-use slider button allowing you to change the angle of the stand as necessary impressed our readers who have purchased it.

Product Highlights:

Adjust height easily with the front Slider and elevates the screen to eye level for better posture

Rubber pads on the stand protect your notebook and desk.

Tilt design cools the laptop by helping heat escape and brings the screen closer

Anodized aluminum to match with Apple MacBook.

Fits all Mac-books and compatible with most notebooks. Works best with an external keyboard and mouse.

Space to stash Keyboard

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