Quick Charge iPhone Or iPad With $18 Anker Duo Wall Charger, Normally $26

These days, we all have a lot of gadgets to keep charged (and you may have added to your gadget collection today) with some devices having USB power and others switching to USB-C. It can be difficult to keep it up and remember when you fly to bring the right wall charger with you, so it’s wise to pick up a charger that can power up any gadget you use. One such charger is Anker PowerPort Speed+ Duo and now you can pick it out for just $18.19 from Amazon. You just have to click the coupon to score 30 percent off on its product page. This is the first time we saw the charger drop this low but at one point this coupon may expire.

As the name suggests, the PowerPort Speed + Duo has two ports. One is a 12W USB-A charging port for almost all smartphones. The other is a USB-C port with 30W Power Delivery that is efficient enough to charge advanced machines such as laptops, tablets and more. Everything is compact and there is a foldable plug so that you can keep it wherever you go. It also has a lot of safeguards in place to protect your stuff.

The average rating of existing owners is 4.3 out of 5 based on over 260 reviews. Existing owners rate it strongly. Anker also gives it an 18-month warranty.

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