iPhone 12 Pro: Pickup 2 Pack Of Privacy Screen Protector & Lens Protector For $10 (51% OFF)

QHOHQ 2 Pack Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro

Amazon is now offering the QHOHQ iPhone 12 Pro 2 Pack Privacy Screen Protector & lens protector for $10.19. Normally selling for $20.99, you save 51 percent directly without using any special discounted coupon code.

QHOHQ is a privacy screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro 5G [6.1 inches] 2020. This screen protector conceals your personal and confidential details from strangers in public places and is only available to those directly in front of the screen. Important: By using this protective sticker, the device’s screen brightness will be decreased. When using the unit, it is recommended that the display brightness be increased.

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With super high light transmittance and optical level effect, it can effectively block and filter ultraviolet rays. Plasma oleophobic coating treatment, smooth hand feeling, and efficient anti-fingerprint, anti-greasy, anti-glare effect.

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The 0.33mm ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector from QHOHQ will retain the original reaction sensitivity and contact effect, providing you with a great touch experience. The glass protector’s edge has a curved profile that is 2.5D or wider, making the fingers and hands feel relaxed.

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QHOHQ has produced a brand new generation of iPhone 12 Pro 5G 6.1 Inch camera lens protective film. The protective film employs modern technologies for “seamless” augmented reality integration, with 100 percent light transmittance and a night shooting mode, eliminating the need for design. Because of the location of the flash hole, you can still take clear images at night even though the flash is turned on.

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