Protect Apple AirPods From Drops & Scratches With $5 Case

It’s awesome to have really wireless earbuds that slip in a case smaller than your palm. It can be a bit of a pain as well. The AirPods case is sleek, smooth, and… in true Apple fashion. slippery. Keep compact and grippy your AirPods with Amazon’s $5 silicone AirPods case. It is available in tons of various colors, and almost all of them are on sale.

If you own Apple’s most popular headphones, this is an absolute no-brainer, especially if you don’t have a case already. Amazon shipping is free on orders over $25, though using Amazon Prime you can also get free shipping. Non-Prime members can sign up for a free 30-day trial to obtain free shipping on this order and gain access to other benefits of all kinds.

This soft silicone case is robust and not bulky. It protects the entire AirPod case, and it looks nice too because it resists fingerprints and dust. If your new case becomes grody, just rinse it off and go well. Once you slip it in and on the bottom of the case you have a cutout for your lightning cable, there are no gaps between the case and your AirPods. In the silicone cover, there is even a handy carabiner that you can use to hang your AirPods from your pocket, sack or keys.

It should be noted that this case is too large to support the wireless charging functionality of AirPods 2. There are other cases on the market that are wireless charging compatible if that is important to you. Alternatively, you can simply load your AirPods wired or slip out of the silicone cover to top the battery.

Check out this magnetic AirPods strap for just $8 for another cheap AirPods accessory. It adds a lot of conveniences and you could even find one that suits your new silicone case.

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