Poweroni USB Charging Station Dock Is The Perfect Pick For Refueling Your Multiple Apple Device Simultaneously, $30 Only

Poweroni USB Charging Station Dock

Right now for just $30, you can pick up this Poweroni USB Charging Station Dock from Amazon. Today’s offer can save you $6 on this charging station directly without using any coupon code.

This multi-device charging station allows you to charge all of your devices in one convenient location, eliminating the need for multiple chargers plugged into your power outlet and devices scattered across your desk. The charging dock includes seven short cables, including three charging cables compatible with Apple products, three micro USB cables, and one type-c cable for Android and other devices.

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With six Smart USB ports, each capable of charging at up to 2.4A, your devices will be charged much faster than with standard 1A chargers! The adaptive smart chip detects the optimal charging current for connected devices and delivers it. Overcharge, overcurrent, and short circuit protection are all built into the phone docking station.

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The built-in Status LED Indicators on this phone charging station automatically turn off and stop charging when the device is fully charged. The On/Off LEDs can also be used as a nightlight by simply switching them on and off.

Depending on your needs, this multiple USB charger supports all types of USB charging cables, including lightning, micro USB, mini USB, USB c, and type c. Apple IOS and Android phones, iPad, Kindle Fire, and other tablets, power banks, iPhones, and Samsung devices are all compatible with the Poweroni charging station.

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