Refuel Your Apple Device Outdoors With This Discounted 280Wh 78000mAh Portable Power Station For $130

The POWERADD 280Wh 78000mAh Portable Power Station is being sold today at Amazon for $129.99. Normally selling for $259.99, today’s offer allows you to save 50 percent on the original price when you use the L5HYYGT4 coupon code at the checkout.

Charge iPhone 12 up to 50% in 30 minutes, 25 times quicker than the 5W charger that came with your iPhone. 100 Watts of Power Most PD devices can be charged via the USB-C connector. Compatible with USB-C laptops like the MacBook Pro 16”, Dell XPS 13, iPhone, iPad Pro, Switch, and other USB-C devices.

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A home charger (110V), a car charger (120W), and a 100W USB-C input connector can all be used to recharge the PowerCenter 280. You may also use 100W solar panels to refuel this portable power station. It can be recharged without any problems. Plug your PowerCenter 280 into the wall plug until it is fully charged before using or storing it.

Unlike older generators, the PowerCenter 280 power station is more concerned with environmental protection and energy conservation. There’s no need to add any fuel (gasoline, diesel, or other), and noise and pollution are no longer an issue. Costs are reduced, and a more pure and convenient power supply is provided. The PowerCenter 280 is lightweight and portable, with a robust handle that makes it easy to carry. It’s ideal for camping, road trips, remote business, RVs, and home backup.

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2 pure sine wave AC outlets outperform modified sine wave inverters in terms of drive capabilities, sensitive equipment protection, auditory and electrical noise, and power consumption. The battery management system provides short circuit protection, overcharging protection, overload protection, and a fireproof casing, as well as voltage control, temperature control, and built-in different safe-charging designs to ensure the product’s and your device’s safety.

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