Power Up All Your Apple Devices At The Same Time With Xcentz Power Strip Cube, Down To $16

Xcentz Power Strip Cube-min

The Xcentz PowerStrip Surge Protector Cube might be all you need if your workstation is able to operate a few more ports to power your device. Fortunately, it drops today to $15.99 at Amazon when you enter your promo code BO35JJGY while you are checking out. This saves 8 dollars off its regular cost and gives you the chance to buy it at one of the best prices we have ever seen.

This lightweight power strip has been designed into a cube to keep it small, so it’s also a great travel charger. It is fitted with four high-speed AC outlets and three USB charging ports with smart IC technology, offering maximum charging per unit. In the meantime, its fire retardant case and its overload protection allow you and your equipment to remain safe while the power strip cube is in use. It comes complete with an extra-long cable to ensure that there are no problems reaching your desk or nightstand. In addition, Xcentz includes an 18-month purchase warranty.

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